We Heart Hygeia!

         Let us count the ways……….hygeia logo

1.  Hygeia Pumps are eco-friendly,

safe, multi-user pumps! 

An estimated two million breast pumps are purchased every year! Almost all of them are designed to be used by one mom, and to be thrown away after a year or less of use. The leading breast pump manufacturers have designated these pumps as single-user devices, which means that these pumps should not be shared between mothers.  Even with replacement tubing and shields, the pump motors are “open” and can never be truly cleaned or sterilized.  Major pump manufacturers have the technology to make their pumps safe for use by multiple mothers.  But, they insist that you buy a brand new pump. 

All Hygeia Breast Pumps are “closed system” and are designed for safe reuse between mothers when each has their own Personal Accessory Set (PAS). They feature a unique filter that is designed to block any bacteria, viruses and fluid from entering the pump or causing cross contamination.  All the parts that touch a mother or her milk are part of her personal accessory set.


2.  Hygeia is a “Code-Compliant” Company.

 Thirty years ago, the World Health Organization adopted The International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes.  The purpose of The Code is to protect breastfeeding by limiting advertisements that idealize artificial feeding supplies and formula.  We all know that formula, bottles/nipples, and Breast Pumps are very important tools for infant feeding.  The Code doesn’t limit the sale of these items; only how they’re marketed.  Basically, you can’t promote formula or feeding bottles/nipples directly to moms, or do free giveaways, or even put them these items on sale!  That is considered inappropriate promotion.

It seems like a small thing, but the WHO Code is all we have to protect breastfeeding.  It has made a world of difference in the 30 years since it was enacted.  But, some companies have started advertising and promoting their nipples and bottles and even claiming in ads that pumping/bottle-feeding is “best for mom”.  These violations of The Code are a big slap in the face to the breastfeeding community. When a large and popular Breast Pump Manufacturer openly states that it will not abide by these marketing standards, it undermines The Code completely.  We are so happy to learn that Hygeia is a Code-Compliant Company.  It takes The Code seriously and does everything in its power to protect and normalize breastfeeding.  We like that.  J

We will continue to offer products from other Breast Pump Manufacturers.  Their pumps and their accessories are good quality, reliable products.  In order to truly serve breastfeeding moms in our area, we will continue to offer the high-quality pumps and accessories that they need.  But, we are proud to be able to offer them another option as well!

3.  Hygeia makes wicked good pumps!

Hygeia breast pumps provide proven performance and feature the same robust construction found in hospitals. Their three-year warranty is one of the longest on the market. Investing in a top-quality Hygeia Breast Pump is a particularly good option when you’re planning to have more children or to share your Breast Pump with friends/family members who have their own personal accessory sets.   And Hygeia Enjoye Breast Pumps only cost between $229 and $299!

Hygeia Enjoye LBI All pumps feature:

  •   100% BPA and DEHP Free Parts
  •    Hygeia Total Compatibility Guarantee
  •    3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  •    Recycling Program
  •    Hygeia CARE Button (record baby’s sounds to encourage  let-down!)
  •    Independently Adjustable Speed & Suction Controls
  •    Double or Single Pumping
  •    Closed Milk Collection System
  •    FDA Approved As Multi-user Pump
  •    Personal Accessory Set (all the tubing, valves, filters, etc)
  •    Optional Internal Lithium Ion Battery (for 4 hours of cordless pumping!)
  •    Optional Tote Bag and Cooler Pack

4.  Hygeia Pumps are available for Rental or Rent-To-Own!

We are excited to be able to offer the Hygeia Enjoye for rental.  The Rental Fee is just $40 (plus a $40 Security Deposit).  Each mother will also need to have her own Personal Accessory Set.  Renting is easy and we will keep your information on file to automatically renew your Rental each month.

The most exciting part?  Our new Rent-To-Own Program!  If you are unsure how breastfeeding or pumping is going to work out for you or whether you need to invest in a Breast Pump of your own, you can rent a Hygeia Breast Pump on a trial basis.  If you decide you would like to purchase a Breast Pump of your own, you will be able to apply half of your paid Rental Fees towards the purchase of a new Hygeia pump! 


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