Picture Day Prelude

In honor of my last post regarding School Picture Day, my mom has (lovingly) provided me with copies of several of my old school pictures.  So, here I am in all my glory.  From back in the days when School Pictures were a BIG DEAL.  I know that’s true, because my mom has written (lovingly and gently so as not to dent the picture) on the back of each: my name, my grade, and the year.  So enjoy……

1. Mushroom Haircut with ribbon hairclip*(1982, 1st grade)

2. Ruffly Rainbow Shirt with Oddly Poofy Hair (1983, 2nd grade, beginning of the tooth-loss evolution series)

3. Big Picture with No Bangs and Red Little House on the Prairie Shirt (1984, 3rd grade, check those teeth!)

4. Tasteful Bobbed Haircut and Ribbon Collar Blouse (1985, 4th grade, growing into those teeth)

5. Ruffly Denim Cowgirl Shirt with Ponytail and Real Breasts (1987, 6th grade, hello puberty)

*1982 was the year of weave-your-own ribbon barrettes with dangly beads.  They were so so so awesome.  On this particular day, my mom picked out my clothes, poofed and sprayed my hair, dolled me up, and told me that there was NO WAY I was wearing that ribbon barrette for School Pictures.  And I actually snuck it on the bus and clipped it in my hair on the way to school.  Can you imagine my mom’s reaction when the pictures came home weeks later?  This was SCHOOL PICTURE DAY, after all.  Oh, the horror.  I remember it as my first act of evil treachery.  I think I said confession for it.  I’m over it now.  And, ironically, glad for the memory.  See how Picture Days work?



  1. Anja said

    You’re so young! Breasts in 1987? That’s at least 10 years after mine.

  2. Jenn said

    The big picture in the middle – I wore the SAME exact shirt for my second grade school picture. Very Nice!

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